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Most Wanted: Books of December 2013

Hey guys and welcome back to another exciting Most Wanted list. For those who may be new to this, essentially it's a list of the titles releasing during the highlighted month that I want the most and why, this list won't include books that I have already received for review.

1. Rebel Spring (Falling Kingdom #2)

Release Date: December 3, 2013
Author: Morgan Rhodes
Publisher: Razorbill
Length: 416 pages

Love, power, and magic collide with war in the second book of the Falling Kingdoms series

Auranos has fallen and the three kingdoms—Auranos, Limeros, and Paelsia—are now united as one country called Mytica. But still, magic beckons, and with it the chance to rule not just Mytica, but the world...

When the evil King Gaius announces that a road is to be built into the Forbidden Mountains, formally linking all of Mytica together, he sets off a chain of events that will forever change the face of this land, forcing Cleo the dethroned princess, Magnus the reluctant heir, Lucia the haunted sorceress, and Jonas the desperate rebel to take steps they never could have imagined.

Why I Want It: I loved Falling Kingdoms even before it released and I read it. I can't explained exactly why I loved it but I did, and I only loved it more after I read it. So, obviously the wait for this book was torture, from finding out there were no ARCs at BEA to being rejected from reading it by both Edelweiss and First to Read, I have been agonizing over the wait.

2. The Spook's Revenge (Wardstone Chronicles #13)

Release Date: December 5, 2013
Author: Jospeh Delaney
Publisher: Bodley Head/Greenwillow Books
Length: 336 pages

'He's the seventh son of a seventh son. His name is Thomas J. Ward and he's my gift to the County. When he's old enough we'll send you word. Train him well. He'll be the best apprentice you've ever had and he'll also be your last.'

These were the words of Tom's Mam to the county Spook some years ago. As Tom, the Spook and their allies prepare to battle with the Fiend on a huge scale, to finally enact their revenge, it now remains to be seen whether Mam's declaration will come true

The Spook, his apprentice Tom Ward and Alice have fought evil side by side for years. But can they survive the final destruction of the Fiend? The end approaches . . .

So technically this book doesn't come out in the US until April, but seeing as this is the final book in arguably my favorite teen (not YA, but teen) series, I had to add it to the list. This is one of those series in which the covers were redesigned, for the better, but if I could get the entire UK cover series in hardcover, I would gladly pay international shipping to do so, these books, and the UK covers, are amazing.

3. Fracture Me (Shatter Me #2.5)

Release Date: December 17, 2013
Author: Tahereh Mafi
Publisher: HarperCollins
Length: 68 pages

In this electrifying sixty-page companion novella to the New York Times bestselling Shatter Me series, discover the fate of the Omega Point rebels as they go up against The Reestablishment. Set during and soon after the final moments of Unravel Me, Fracture Me is told from Adam's perspective.

As Omega Point prepares to launch an all-out assault on The Reestablishment soldiers stationed in Sector 45, Adam's focus couldn't be further from the upcoming battle. He's reeling from his breakup with Juliette, scared for his best friend's life, and as concerned as ever for his brother James's safety. And just as Adam begins to wonder if this life is really for him, the alarms sound. It's time for war.

On the battlefield, it seems like the odds are in their favor—but taking down Warner, Adam's newly discovered half brother, won't be that easy. The Reestablishment can't tolerate a rebellion, and they'll do anything to crush the resistance . . . including killing everyone Adam has ever cared about.

Fracture Me sets the stage for Ignite Me, the explosive finale in Tahereh Mafi's epic dystopian series. It's a novella not to be missed by fans who crave action-packed stories with tantalizing romance like Divergent by Veronica Roth, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and Legend by Marie Lu.

Why I Want It: I will admit, I wasn't too excited about this series after reading Shatter Me, however after reading the second book in the trilogy, Unravel Me, I sort of fell in love with it. I haven't read Warner's novella Destroy Me yet, so I'll probably wait until the novella compilation Unite Me comes out to read it.

4. Control (Control #1)

Release Date: December 26, 2013
Author: Lydia Kang
Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers
Length: 400 pages

An un-putdownable thriller for fans of Uglies

When a crash kills their father and leaves them orphaned, Zel knows she needs to protect her sister, Dyl. But before Zel has a plan, Dyl is taken by strangers using bizarre sensory weapons, and Zel finds herself in a safe house for teens who aren’t like any she’s ever seen before—teens who shouldn't even exist. Using broken-down technology, her new friends’ peculiar gifts, and her own grit, Zel must find a way to get her sister back from the kidnappers who think a powerful secret is encoded in Dyl’s DNA.

A spiraling, intense, romantic story set in 2150—in a world of automatic cars, nightclubs with auditory ecstasy drugs, and guys with four arms—this is about the human genetic “mistakes” that society wants to forget, and the way that outcasts can turn out to be heroes.

Why I Want It: I love this idea of paranormal circumstances with science behind it. It really grips me and makes me want to read this book really bad. My only qualm about this book is the shortened, or at least I assumed they are shortened, names. They sound awkward and if I'm not mistaken their names are most likely Zelda and Dylan which are both pretty short anyway, they don't need nicknames.

Final Thoughts: There isn't really all that much coming in December, but this crop looks amazing to me.


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  1. I just got my hands on the first Falling Kingdom's book, so I can't wait to read it!
    Fracture Me is also a must-read for me. Great list :-)
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