Friday, April 4, 2014

Novella Review: Through Glass - Episode One (Through Glass Novella Series)

Release Date: November 30, 2013
Author: Rebecca Ethington
Publisher: Imdalind Press
Length: 73 pages

***Book One of the Through Glass Novella Series***

No one expects the world to end, for life to change, and for the sunny life you live to turn into a horrifying disaster.
I didn’t.
But there were signs.
Signs of what was coming.
Signs of what was going to happen to us.
But no one saw.
No one was paying attention.
Not until it was too late.
Too late for morning sunrises. Too late for family dinners.
Too late to stop the monsters from destroying our world.
This is the story about the ebony blackness became all we knew.
This is the story about what happened before.

***This Novella is a portion of the full Through Glass Volume as released in September 2013 – For more information about the switch to a Novella Series please visit http://bit.ly/1eGGjns - the next installment in the story of Through Glass will be released in January 2014***

It is a Clean New-Adult Paranormal, Dystopian, Romance with Creepy and Un-Dead Themes.
Language: Low to None
Violence: Moderate
Sexual Content: Low to None



Protagonist: When we meet Alexis, she is doing what many seniors in high school do so close to graduation, she's blowing off her homework. While we won't get to see too much development from Alexis in this novella, it being only the first third of a full fledged book, her initial introduction is a comforting one. It's one that's easily relatable, and while I probably could have done with less of the pining and modesty routine from her when it came to Cohen, it was still a real and almost palpable emotion to feel as I was reading. I'm expecting great thing from this narrator.

Romance: I realized while I was reading this novella, that the romance that Cohen and Alexis share, however small it may be for now, has a lot of the same indicators as an insta-love. Except, in this case these characters have a deep history between them, even some hurting on both parts. It was nice to get all those insta-love feelings that I love without the overriding rage I get from the fact that in the usual case the two lovers have barely just met, and at times barely even hold a full conversation.

World-Building: Dark. That's the easiest way I can describe this world, both literally and figuratively. This world is so creepy and I would hate to even spend one second in the utter hell these characters have to go through. This world starts off normal enough, in fact it started to seem like a nice little contemporary, though I knew the inevitable was about to happen. So it did, and the sheer amount of beautifully worded description blew me away. By the end of this thing, which I can only describe as an invasion, I had a real sense of what Alexis went through and the terror that she felt.

Predictability: This novella begins with a prologue, and this prologue practically summarizes the first three-fourths of this novella. Since I am well aware that this was more the prologue to a novel instead of this shorter novella, I'm letting it slide. Well, that and the fact that the novella was such an enjoyable read and there's a lot more mystery hidden behind the text of the story. I'm creating many theories and I can't wait to see what I was able to call and what will absolutely blow me away.

Ending: The ending works to really drive home Alexis's predicament. It sets a list of rules that she has to follow and she sees what happens to those who break those rules. The ending was full of suspense and a great intensity that set me off speeding to the finish. It's a great start to what I'm assuming will be a fantastic series.


I have to say I was a bit bummed when Rebecca announced that she would be splitting this series up into smaller novellas; but I have to say that so far it's a brilliant plan. If each one is like this than they are going to be nice little bundles of darkness and awesome that I can devour in an entire sitting.


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