Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Book Review: King (The Dragon King Chronicles #3)

Release Date: March 31, 2015
Author: Ellen Oh
Publisher: HarperTeen
Length: 288 pages

Girl warrior, demon slayer, Tiger spirit of the Yellow Eyes—Kira is ready for her final quest. In this thrilling finale to the Prophecy trilogy, fans will get even more of the fierce Kira and her quest to save her kingdom!

All eyes are on her. Kira, once an outcast in her home village of Hansong, is now the only one with the power to save her kingdom. She must save her cousin, the boy fated to be the future king, uncover the third lost treasure, and face innumerable enemies in order to fulfill the famed prophecy.

Kira braves a sea of tigers and battles armies of demons as she musters her inner strength and learns to trust herself, the romantic feelings for Jaewon that are growing within her, and the destiny that must be hers.



Protagonist: Much of Kira's development in this book has to do with her inner turmoil and her own doubts and fears about herself. How these thoughts and feelings come about was cleverly plotted out over the course of the book and how they are handled was also done very well. Kira is a very self-reliant and closed off character who over the past two books has not only gained life long friends but slowly learned to trust people, and this former development comes back into play and is maybe regressed a bit as Kira starts her final journey to save her world and her young cousin.

Romance: Unlike the previous two books in this trilogy romance actually plays a large part of this final installment. However, like with most everything in this series it was handled expertly. Instead of detracting from the plot or feeling like it's poorly crammed into the story, it's something that effects not only Kira but at times pushes the plot on and adds to the complexity of this final story. Once again we are treated to the love triangle of Jaewon/Kira/Shin and like I had hoped, when Kira finally makes her choice it's not a choice that was out of her hands, and it's made very clear that she wasn't defined because of the choice she made.

World-Building: With this being the last book in this series there was, surprisingly, still a lot to learn about this world. There are characters that we had yet to meet, as well as some I never actually thought our heroes would meet. We also learn a lot more about the island of Jindo and the monks that live there as that's the first place Kira goes to not only save Taejo, but to claim the last of the Dragon King's treasures, the jade belt. While I was hoping that the belt would have played a larger role in the story than it did, the little that we did get to see of it in this story was pretty spectacular.

Predictability: The predictability of this book, and this series, is very unique. With this book especially there are moments where large twists would happen and I would either have a delayed reaction or nearly no reaction at all. It's not that it didn't surprise me, but with one twist in particular, I believe I wasn't shocked because it just seemed to fit so perfectly that on some level I already knew, and with the one specific twist where I had a delayed reaction that was probably because it was so hard to believe until I got closer to the end and realized it wasn't going to be retconned.

Ending: There are so many things I could say about this ending, so many wonderful things, but I'll try to keep it brief. During the last few chapters I knew something was missing, something that would, in some way, make the story whole. When I finally realized what it was that was missing, well then it happened. It only made the moment all the more special. The ending is definitely not what I had envisioned during the first half of this book, but that final battle was so vivid. As for the epilogue, well that was just the cherry on top. As you may well know I love when series end with some sort of epilogue, whether it contains information about what happens to our heroes years after the final climax or even if it's only months. This one showed a closer future and really just tied up all the loose ends that were left hanging at the very end.


This series... this series you guys is spectacular, and this final installment is a testament to that. While I was left wanting more, it wasn't because the story felt unfinished, but more because this series was so well written and brilliantly crafted that part of me ached for more even though every part of me knew it was over. I can't wait to see what this author will write next!


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