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Supernatural Chronicles Blog Parade - Interview with S.T. Bende and Giveaway!

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We are so excited to bring you the Mardi Gras Blog Parade for The Supernatural Chronicles! The Supernatural Chronicles is a fantastic box set with stories from ten different authors each celebrating a distinct supernatural creature! This is the Supernatural Chronicles: The New Orleans Collection. The Tour goes from February 1st-February 10th with different authors and content each day of the tour! Make sure you check out each stop along the way and enter to win the 1 of 10 Mystery Boxes!! See why everyone is talking about #DYNAMIS, and stop by 

The Supernatural Chronicles Facebook Discussion Group!

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Ten authors and one grand scheme of mayhem and magic in the depths of New Orleans.

About The Supernatural Chronicles: The New Orleans Collection:

Beneath the brow of Bourbon and French architecture, the iris of New Orleans swirls with flecks of worlds and beings unknown to mankind. Come with us as we chronicle their journey—each supernatural race must hunt for an offering in hopes of saving their own. Skinwalkers, Wolves, Vampires, Dragons, Succubi, Witches, Necromancers, Cupids, and Asgardians are all in danger of losing control as an uprising darkness threatens to rip the veil that protects them all from the great beyond.

Ten original novellas, following each supernatural race as they fight an elusive enemy, are written by New Adult authors Lila Felix, Kristie Cook, Brenda Pandos, Delphina Henley, Julia Crane, Jamie Magee, Morgan Wylie, Kallie Ross, S.T. Bende, and Rebecca Ethington. Come join them for the hunt and discover hidden treasures inside.

Love Mythology? Bask in awe of the power of:


Book Description:

Inga Andersson just can’t catch a break. She’s supposed to be enjoying a ski week in beautiful Åre, Sweden, with her immortal-assassin-husband. Instead, she and Gunnar are trapped inside a bizarre scavenger hunt, unraveling an incomprehensible riddle at the bequest of a mysterious being. And if Inga and Gunnar don’t decipher the puzzle and deliver a mythological relic to a New Orleans graveyard within three days, they’ll be ejected from the Norse pantheon, stripped of their immortality, and cast as the solitary line of defense against the onslaught of frost giants and Helbeasts ready to bring about Midgard’s fall. What started as a party game has become a lethal challenge with irreparable consequences, not only for Inga, but for the god she loves . . . and the realm she adores. 

Let the hunt begin...

Author Kristie Cook's Interview with S.T. Bende:

Kristie: I'm lucky enough to have come to know S.T. Bende and call her friend. Although I've never met her, every time I see her name, I see a big smile. She's always a bright spot in my day. I'm happy to give you this chance to get to know her.

S.T.: Aw!! Kristie is one of my writerly besties. She inspires me beyond words, and I’m so grateful for her friendship!

Kristie: So, S.T. What made you choose to write about Norse mythology?

S.T.: My heritage is Scandinavian, and I have a tremendous love for the culture and the myths of the North. When I enrolled in a Norwegian language class and met the sweetest grandma this side of Asgard, I fell even more in love with all things Scandiwegian. And when I heard the first inklings of the Elsker Saga crew in my head, I was so ready to share their stories!

Kristie: Have you considered writing anything outside of Norse mythology?

S.T.: Maybe someday, but for now it’s all about Asgard. I love researching the myths, and finding fun twists to bring them into the modern world. My primary resources (the Prose Edda, John Lindow’s Norse Mythology, and Turville-Petre’s Myth and Religion of the North) have so very many stories within them, I could write for decades and still not incorporate them all!

Kristie: Your characters do a lot of cooking and baking. Do you share that hobby with them? What's your signature dish?

S.T.: I am an epic baker. Norsk waffles are my favorite anytime food, but I also make a mean Star Wars Sugar Cookie. If anyone’s got a sweet tooth, I’ll totally hook you up. ;)

Kristie: Your books, including The Asgardians, are about several couples of gods, goddesses, and humans. Is there one that you had the most fun bringing together? Any that were more challenging the others?
S.T.: I love the whole crazy Norse crew, but The Ære Saga’s Brynn and Henrik were especially fun for me to play with. Brynn is the God of War’s secondary bodyguard. She’s bubbly, and fierce, and sharp as a tack. Her gift is her smarts, and she shares a very scientifically oriented mind with her childhood crush . . . who happens to be War’s other bodyguard, and therefore her very off limits co-worker. Their interactions were so very much fun to write, because #Brynnrik shares such a deep respect and friendship. The Ære Saga’s Elsa was tougher for me to write because her gift is energy healing, something that was totally foreign to me. I ended up taking classes to learn more about what I needed her to do, and her story came much easier after that.

Kristie: If you were a goddess, what would you be the goddess of?

S.T.: Ooh, that’s a fun question! My answer changes from day to day. But today, I think I’d be like The Elsker Saga’s Inga – a Domestic Goddess! Watch out Cupcake Wars, here I come...

About the Author:

Before finding domestic bliss in suburbia, S.T. Bende lived in Manhattan Beach (where she became overly fond of Peet’s Coffee) and Europe… where she became overly fond of McVities cookies. Her love of Scandinavian culture and a very patient Norwegian teacher inspired the books of The Elsker Saga and The Ære Saga. She hopes her characters make you smile, and she dreams of skiing on Jotunheim and Hoth.

Find S.T. on Twitter (@stbende) or her website (www.stbende.com). While you're at it, introduce yourself to @UllMyhr and @TyrFredriksen -- when they’re not saving the cosmos from dark elves, they love meeting new friends . . . especially the human kind.

Want to connect with fellow Norse god fans? S.T.'s readers have created a Facebook group! Head over to the RagnaRockstars page to chat with other readers, talk with S.T., and get access to exclusive content... including Ull POVs and sneak peeks at upcoming Ære Saga books!

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Skål, y’all!

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