Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Book Review: Bloodmoon (Bloodmark Saga #3)

Release Date: March 21, 2016
Author: Aurora Whittet
Publisher: Wise Ink
Length: 400 pages
Source: Review Copy from Author

Just months shy of her claiming at Carrowmore and fulfilling a centuries-old prophecy, werewolf Ashling Boru has stepped into her role as the Crimson Queen. She finally has the support of her pack and her love for Grey is stronger than ever.

But it's not easy being queen. Ashling's guardian, Baran, has been captured by the Dvergars, a family of evil wolves who will stop at nothing to possess Ashling's power and destroy everything--and everyone--she loves. Ashling must unite the clans and build an army to stand against the Dvergars before it's too late. Unfortunately, the Dvergars also have armies of the darkest creatures the world has ever known.

Shadows loom, growing ever larger as generations of pack secrets begin to unfold. Ashling's people, the humans they protect, and Old Mother Earth herself all hang in the balance of Ashling's choices. Will Ashling have to forsake her true love to save the world? And will she have the strength to do it?

Bloodmoon is the thrilling conclusion to the Bloodmark Saga.



Protagonist: Ashling Boru has come a long way since the beginning of the Bloodmark Saga. She's encountered many perilous journeys, suffered grave hardships, and found true love. In this book she isn't taking anything from anybody. She's not afraid to speak her mind and let people know when they're being stupid. Most of the time I really loved Ashling, the only times she ever got on my nerves I'll get to in a bit, but she's a strong character not afraid to do what needs to be done to protect her pack and those she loves, and if she can find a way to save everyone, she will.

Romance: So, the romance in this book annoyed me to no end. It's not like I don't root for Ashling and Grey to end up together, I really do, but they could be really exhausting in this book. First off there's the constant reassurances that they love each other and how they'll be there for each other. There were actually quite a few things in this book that felt constantly repeated, but their constant grandiose declarations of love were by far the worst. Then there's how sexual their relationship has become since consummating their relationship. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a heat in a YA romance, however when that heat sort of plays jump-rope with the boundaries between YA and Adult books that's when I get a bit uncomfortable. Not only that but it felt like Ashling and Grey couldn't control themselves around each other making their love seem more like lust most of the time.

World-Building: After I finished Bloodrealms I assumed there was at least two more books in this series left to go. However when it came out that this book would be the last in the series, I din't quite know how the author would finish the series in a way that didn't feel like she stitched two book plots together, but that's what she did. This book is all about the preparation for Ashling's eighteenth birthday, where she'll be claimed at Carrowmore and truly become the Crimson Queen. In this book we learn even more about the prophecy that foretells Ashling uniting the packs of the world and the events that will transpire at Carrowmore. There was so much to this book that I loved, new characters, old characters that haven't gotten the time to shine coming back to play a larger role, and of course seeing how Ashling's pack continues to grow!

Predictability: So, part of me feels like I really should have reread the first two books before starting this final installment. Honestly I forgot so many things between books that I don't know what was truly unexpected and unpredictable and what I would have known had I had a bit of a refresher or recap of the series before going into this book. That being said I do know that there are quite a few shocking moments, things I never saw coming and things that while I felt they were pointless, surprisingly made sense. There's also some stuff that I read into too much and I was expecting some things to happen that just didn't. Overall, I never felt like I knew what was going to happen but making your way through that unknown darkness is half the fun.

Ending: So when I talk about this I'm not only talking about the end of this book but the end of the series in whole and I say the author did a great job wrapping everything up, however I would have liked an epilogue, something to sort of catch up with some of the stuff that went down in other parts of the book. The final climax was amazing, it wasn't filled with a big battle, but there was an amazing confrontation that just matched perfectly with the tone and message of this series. As I said everything wraps up really well, I was just hoping for something more in the end.


For the most part I loved this book, aside from a few things here and there, some of which were entirely based on my own opinion, It is a great conclusion to this series and I'm excited to see what this author comes up with next!


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