Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Book Review: The Portal to Kerberos (Elementals #4)

Release Date: September 10, 2016
Author: Michelle Madow
Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing
Length: 141 pages
Source: Review Copy From Author

She will venture into hell to save the one she loves.

After being betrayed by one of their own, Nicole watches helplessly as Blake is snatched into the prison world of Kerberos—along with Medusa’s head, which is the one item they need to stop the Titans from rising again. Now Nicole and the other Elementals must enter the portal, find Blake, and bring him and Medusa’s head back to Earth before the deadly monster Typhon returns and wreaks havoc on the world. But there’s one catch—their elemental powers don’t work in Kerberos. In a dimension designed to make those within it lose touch with reality, and that’s filled with dangerous creatures who want to stop them from completing their task, will they make it out alive?

In this penultimate book of Nicole’s story, join the Elementals as they journey through hell to save the world… before it’s too late.

A thrilling fantasy adventure in a contemporary setting with Greek mythology and sweet romance, Elementals is a YA series that will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more!



Protagonist: After watching the boy she loves get dragged into a hellish prison world, Nicole will do just about anything to get him back. With one member of their team already lost and the Head of Medusa on the line, the Elementals brave the world of Kerberos to try and set things right in order to save the world. Things in Kerberos aren't like Earth, this is a world designed for torture and difficulties and the quest to save Blake isn't going to be an easy grab and go mission. One of the interesting things about this story is seeing how, with Blake on the line, how impulsive Nicole becomes. She becomes more of a shoot first ask questions later type of girl which adds an interesting dynamic to this quest where Danielle becomes the more level headed one. Of course, all these characters have some sort of development over the course of this quest that strengthens them as heroes of this series.

World-Building: This is actually a very hard section to write because the only real world building is showing readers the world of Kerberos, and while it's definitely a terrifying place to be and our heroes don't go through it totally unscathed they do have a bit of help getting through which I feel sort of negates how terrifying this torturous prison world seem to the reader quite a bit. It is interesting to see the Greek Mythological influence of the world grow. We get to see some of the baddies in Kerberos and learn a bit more about the Second Rebellion and the forming of this prison world and its ultimate punishments. There is a tiny bit of romance to this book as well, though it's mostly seen in Nicole's constant urgency to get to Blake, there is a possible new romance blooming for one Elemental in particular.

Predictability: Looking back on this adventure I'd have to say that, on the whole, it wasn't that predictable. There are a few reasons for this, firstly is the length of the story and speed of the pacing. With this not only being such a short book, but a fast paced one as well it didn't give me a lot of time to speculate on what would happen next other than the vaguer big picture stuff, and even then I was sorely mistaken. Then there's the fact that this is an author gone rogue, for lack of a better term, she doesn't play by the rules and formulas and that leads to some great twists in this book.

Ending: I'm still not sure if I've properly digested this ending, but here's my unfiltered and spoiler-free thoughts. I heard a lot about this ending, all spoiler free other than the intense feelings, and going in I didn't quite know what to expect, I wasn't ready for another crazy dramatic ending like the previous one, and while the final climax of this book is pretty intense, the actual ending of this book is kind of idealistic. I mean it's not a solve every problem with the blink of an eye idealistic, but it's idealistic enough to make me a bit uncomfortable at what was going on. There is a bit of a cliffhanger but it's a lot less stressful than the one at the end of The Head of Medusa.


So, I did really enjoy this book, but I have to say that even though our heroes do face some challenges and go through some really intense stuff, I felt like they could have worked harder and had a tougher time getting through this mess, and the ending was a little too idealistic for my taste.


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