Friday, August 4, 2017

Blog Tour Book Review: No Good Deed

Release Date: July 18, 2017
Author: Kara Connolly
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Length: 352 pages
Source: ARC from Publisher

Fans of Dorothy Must Die will love this reimagining of the legend of Robin Hood. Girl power rules supreme when a modern girl finds herself in the middle of a medieval mess with only her smart mouth and her Olympic-archer aim to get her home.

Ellie Hudson is the front-runner on the road to gold for the U.S. Olympic archery team. All she has to do is qualify at the trials in jolly old England. When Ellie makes some kind of crazy wrong turn in the caverns under Nottingham Castle—yes, that Nottingham—she ends up in medieval England.

Ellie doesn’t care how she got to the Middle Ages; she just wants to go home before she gets the plague. But people are suffering in Nottingham, and Ellie has the skills to make it better. What’s an ace archer to do while she’s stuck in Sherwood Forest but make like Robin Hood?

Pulled into a past life as an outlaw, Ellie feels her present fading away next to daring do-gooding and a devilishly handsome knight. Only, Ellie is on the brink of rewriting history, and when she picks up her bow and arrow, her next shot could save her past—or doom civilization’s future.



Protagonist: Ellie Hudson could potentially go to the Olympics if she focuses and wins the trials in Nottingham, yes that Nottingham, but she gets distracted by a ghostly monk and winds up in twelfth century England. Once there she takes on the role of an outlaw who dispenses justice to those who take advantage of the less fortunate. However, she cannot stay in the past for too long or she might not have a future to go back to. I loved Ellie a lot. I mean, she's just the kind of impulsive and sarcastic heroine that I needed. Over the course of the book, she does develop a bit more. I loved her development and her interactions with other characters. She's a bit of a goofball and can get a bit irate at times, but if you wound up in 12th Century England you'd probably be a bit pissed off too.

Romance: Okay, so this is going to be a short section... I hope. There honestly isn't that much romance in this book. I mean, there's some flirting and Ellie definitely admires masculine form(s), but in the end, there isn't really that much romance and how it all ended was kind of cliche. Don't get me wrong I didn't need more romance, or really any romance, I just wished it had been handled better.

World Building: When I first heard about this book I had assumed that Ellie would take on a Robin Hood type of role, not actually become Robin Hood. I did really enjoy how the author built out Nottingham and handled not only Ellie's culture shock, but how others view Ellie's weird speech patterns and clothing. I'm always up for a time travel book and mixing that with the lore of Robin Hood, and how those bits of the legend sprung from rumor were very well executed. While I admit I don't know too much about the Robin Hood legend, mostly what Disney and some other adaptations have told me, I did enjoy how the author told this story, and though it doesn't quite line up with the things I've heard, I did like the gender bending aspect and how the heart of the story stayed in tact.

Predictability: On the whole, this story isn't that predictable. Sure there were a few things that were fairly cliche and easily predicted, and of course your standard YA predictions, but there were also things that I couldn't have predicted if I wanted to. There weren't any jump out of your chairs and gasp level predictions, nothing that blew me out of the water, but there were a great number of twists that still felt right.

Ending: So, my main problem with this book is that it did take a while for Ellie to come into her role, and this isn't that long of a book, so the second half happens kind of quickly. Everything is sort of rushed and while I was okay with the story that was ultimately told, I felt like there was so much potential to tell more stories and after the final climax that's near impossible. Also, there were a few things that were more or less glossed over and the ending was pretty cliched.


So, I did really enjoy this tale, but reading it five chapters a day, the ending really snuck up on me. I feel there was more the author could have explored, the ending felt a bit rushed, and the ending was kind of cliched. Still, a great read for those who like Historical Fiction or Time Travel stories.


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