Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Book Review: The Vampire Prince (Dark World: The Vampire Wish #2)

Release Date: August 3, 2017
Author: Michelle Madow
Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing
Length: 186 pages
Source: Review Copy from Author

To destroy the enemy, she will become the enemy.

Everything has been taken from Annika — her family, her friends, and even her freedom — by the vampires who enslaved her in the hidden kingdom of The Vale. But now she possesses a magical ring that contains Geneva, the most powerful witch in the world, and she’s ready for revenge.

When Prince Jacen invites vampire princesses from all over the world to the palace to compete for his hand in marriage, Annika finds her chance. By commanding Geneva to turn her into a vampire princess, she can try to win the cold heart of the prince who betrayed her and left her for dead. Can she keep the emotions she used to feel for Jacen in check? Because if her deception works and she becomes his bride, she’ll have full access to the palace... and she can destroy The Vale from the inside.

But with powerful players vying for control of the ring, and a dark magic rising outside the kingdom, there’s far more at stake than just the crown.

Return to the magical world of the Vale in the second book of The Vampire Wish series and get ready for twists and turns that you’ll never see coming!



Characters: So, while the first book in this series had three points of view this installment introduces another main character to its ranks. I'll get to her in a minute but first, let's talk about Annika and Jacen. Honestly, I didn't feel like they did a whole lot in this book. I mean, technically they did quite a bit, but in terms of character development, they didn't develop all that much, if at all, over the course of this story. This book mainly serves to introduce some new elements to this world, that I'll get to later, so Annika and Jacen pretty much spend the whole book sulking over the other. Camelia also doesn't do much in this book. I mean, she gets some advice on what to do next, but we don't get all that many chapters from her perspective. Finally, we have our newcomer, Karina, and since she's new she's instantly the most appealing character in this book. Don't get me wrong I love (or love to hate) the other POV characters, but honestly, while they do things they don't really do anything. Karina has a bit of a tragic backstory and I'll be interested to see how she'll fit into everyone else's plans.

World Building: The majority of this book is world building and set up. I hesitate using the term filler to describe this book since technically you can't completely cut it out of the series and have it change nothing. Things do happen in this story, it's just that they're spread a bit thin. There are a lot of new elements brought into this world in this book, and at times it could get a bit confusing figuring out how everything lined up. There's a bunch of setup and world building in this book, but as I said, the plot doesn't progress very far, pretty much the author just adds a bit of thinly veiled The Selection flair into her book and adds quite a few new topics and elements into the story to sort of steer it away from the Aladdin retelling that was so integral to book one's plot.

Predictability: Okay, so this book doesn't exactly deliver on the "twists and turns you'll never see coming" that the synopsis promises. Don't get me wrong there were a great handful of times that this book surprised me, but nothing really shocked me to my very core. Again, as I said before, not much really happens in this book I guess that's the theme of this review, so there's not all that much that happens to shock me.

Ending: So, there's not final climax to this book. I mean, again, this book is mostly an excuse to introduce new elements of this world to the reader, and so there wasn't really any climactic moments in this story. Sure, the ending is kind of cliffhanger-y, but since these books come out so close to one another it's not as if it'll be that long before there's more story, so the ending wasn't all that devastating, there are some things I'd like to know but honestly, I can wait.


So yeah, nothing really happens in this book. If you loved the first one and want to continue, should you read this book? Hell yes. It probably introduces huge elements that will come into play later. Is it as thrilling a ride as Book 1? No, not at all. In fact, the only reason I'm not giving this book a lower rating is that the story is so short and the time between books is very quick that it's not as if it'll take that long for things to heat up again. P.S. Despite giving this book a low rating, I am still highly anticipating the next installment, I still love the world, this book just sort of felt next to pointless for me.


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