Sunday, July 22, 2012

Book Review: Starling (Starling #1)

Release Date: August 28, 2012
Author: Lesley Livingston
Publisher: HarperTeen
Length: 352 pages

Mason Starling is a champion fencer for Gosforth Academy, but she’s never had to fight for her life. Until now. When a ferocious storm rips through Manhattan and unleashes terrifying creatures onto Gosforth’s campus, Mason barely escapes alive. Without help from the mysterious stranger who appeared in the midst of the storm, she might not have made it at all. But now, in the aftermath, Mason’s life begins to spin dramatically, mystically out of control, and the only one who seems able to help her is the stranger who can remember nothing but his name: Fennrys Wolf.

As Mason and Fenn uncover more about Fenn’s past and the strange events that surround them, they realize that Mason’s family — and its dark allegiance to the ancient Norse gods — is at the center of everything. A predetermined fate seems to be closing in on Mason, but is it possible to change one’s destiny?


Characters: Mason Starling is the beautiful and talented star fencer of Gosforth Academy. She is a smart, willful, and obedient  student who is thrown into the world of myth and magick when "storm zombies" called draugr attack the Gosforth Gym and the students of the fencing team as well as Mason's brother, Rory, who was working out at the time. Rory is the lonely, angry, and scorned black-sheep of the  Starling family ever since playing a trick on Mason when they were younger which left her with an intense case of claustrophobia. He constantly takes his anger out on Mason, by calling her "Mouse" and making fun of her phobia, since she is their father's favored child. Heather Palmerston is the spoiled, snotty, and down right bitchy queen bee of Gosforth who joined the fencing team to be closer to her ex-boyfriend, Calum Aristarchos. She seems to hate Mason because of Mason's growing friendship with Calum.

Romance: At the beginning of the book, Mason is interested in Calum, however, after the attack at the gym her feelings seem to drift to the Fennrys Wolf, the deadly, fierce, and skilled Viking warrior who shows up in the same storm that brings the draugr. He helps the fencing team protect Mason who seems to be the intended target. After the battle Fenn and Mason spend most of their time together trying to help Fenn regain his memory. Cal begins to grow more and more jealous of Mason's growing relationship with Fenn and begins to shut her out. Can their friendship survive, or will Mason sacrifice her friendship with Cal for her friendship with Fenn? Honestly, while I'm not a big fan of love triangles I really liked this one, it's not too cheesy and even though the triangle is a bit on the predictable side it's still really enjoyable.

Predictability: This was probably one of the least predictable books that I have read in a while, which is most likely due to the third-person and switching narration. I was pleasantly surprised with all the little twits and turns, as well as the betrayals and scheming that goes on "behind the scenes." Everything is planted at the perfect moments to give the reader added excitement to continue on in this adventure.

Mythology: If you've been reading my reviews or know me personally you'd know I'm a huge mythology junkie. This book didn't disappoint in that department. It's full of myth and magick and not just a specific mythology, but all myths and religions of the ancient world. In this book there are references to Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Roman, and Celtic mythologies.

Ending: This ending was crazy! There were so many twists, turns, and tilts that I could barely keep up. Things were revealed, characters possibly died, and startling meetings were made. Usually when I read a first in a series the ending kind of plateaus and there isn't much hype for me to want to read the next installment right away, but this book is so wildly different. I can hardly wait to read the next installment.


It's a great book, but takes a little time to get into. When you do get into it though, it's amazing, chock full of amazing mythology, funa nd engaging action sequences and a fantastically written romance. If you are a fan of mythology, or any good paranormal romance, you will love this book.


  1. I LOVED this book! I agree completely with you about all the twists and turns at the end! :)

  2. Oh, this one looks good. I will have to read it!