Sunday, October 28, 2012

Exciting Announcements: What's Coming in 2013 and Incentive Contest

YouTube Channel: I will not be moving my blog into a vlog format, instead I will be creating "companion pieces," if you will, that will help enhance the experience of this blog. On this channel I'm planning to do various things such as a bookshelf tour in which I hope to give you guys ideas on what to read next, I'll also be doing book hauls for the same purpose and most likely updates and any further Exciting Announcements. If you guys have any ideas on what I should feature on this channel I'd love to hear them.

New Layout: I've been working on a new blog layout for a while to give it more personality, mainly because I didn't pick a very creative name, however due to classes starting up for me and my friends Brittney who has been working on it with me I've had to put this on hiatus until the end of the term. After which we'll buckle down to add it to the blog as well as a fancy new icon for the site and a button you can grab to place on your Tumblr, blog, or whatever.

No Post on Sundays and Most Wanted: So these two features of my blog won't be removed completely, but Most wanted will be moved to the first day of the month, unless I have a review for that day then it will be the day before. No Post will probably be a feature of my new YouTube channel and will probably be more about book hauls and recommendations then what I got in my mailbox.

CONTEST!: So, for people who haven't been tuning in to this blog regularly, I felt so bad about one of my contest prizes falling through that I decided to make it up to you guys, but I need help from you guys first. If you look in the right sidebar there is a tab that says Followers click the button that says "Join this Site", now you don't need a Google+ account to subscribe to my site, you can also use a Twitter or Blogger account to follow. Once that reaches 100 followers I will begin my contest which will run for about a month. Now for the prize, I will be giving away a box set of The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa which also includes an "autographed" poster, however from the looks of it it's most likely just a photocopy of the signature, but still it's pretty cool. Also, every for 25 followers I get I will review a book in the Iron Fey series, starting with the first one. I've attached a picture of the box set below to show you guys what it looks like and to show you that it's ready to be sent once the contest is over, well not exactly, this one's mine, but I will have a fresh one shipped from The Book Depository. Oh, and P.S. this WILL be an INTERNATIONAL giveaway!

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