Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blog Tour Book Review: Eyes of Ember (Imdalind #2)

Release Date: April 6, 2013
Author: Rebecca Ethington
Publisher: Imdalind Press
Length: 360 pages
Source: Review Copy from Author & GCR Tours

Joclyn is in hiding, hunted by the man she still desperately loves. Ryland is gone, his mind erased, no memory of Joclyn remains. But, Joclyn’s heart desperately begs her to hold out hope. While, in reality the black eyed monster that possesses him, attempts to kill her over and over.

If it wasn’t for Ilyan, Joclyn would be dead by now.

Ilyan. The man who once stalked her, is now Joclyn’s protector, the only thing she has left. He protects Joclyn from the men who seek to end her life, and while she is haunted by dreams where Ryland begs her to break the bond between them.

Ilyan is there. Always there.

Ilyan trains and prepares her, teaching her everything she needs to know in the hope that one day she can avenge Ryland, if not protect herself from him.

And then there is her father.

The man who has never been there, is suddenly responsible for everything. And who he is has made Joclyn into something she never wanted to be.

The Silnỳ.



Protagonist: The Joclyn we first met in Kiss of Fire isn't the Joclyn that we see in this installment. throughout the book she grows and changes becoming a stronger and better version of herself. The pain that she's had to endure in the first installment has helped mold and temper her into the more heroic version of herself that evolves throughout this book. I just loved this character development, because unlike some other books where I know the character has developed I don't really feel it as much as I do with this book. It's just so palpable to me to see where she's come from and the dramatic, yet realistic development she's made.

Romance: I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of love triangles. However I loved this one so much, mainly because it wasn't necessarily a love triangle but sort of a new type of romantic drama that's a bit harder to describe. While Jos's feeling for Ilyan are explored her bond with Ryland is tested. I love that while there is romance in this series, it doesn't overshadow the main plot and in fact sometimes helps drive it without shifting focus. I'm still not quite sure where I sit with the love triangle, but at the same time I can't wait to see what comes next in this romance

World-Building: One of the highlights of this book was getting some backstory on Ilyan and learning about who and what he is in the grand scheme of things. We also see a lot more that has to do with Jos, who she is, where she comes from, and her place in the grand scheme of things above all. These are things we've seen foreshadowed and teased about but in this book, everything, well most things, will be answered. By the end of the book I felt a bit unsure of quite what was going on, I had a lot of allegiance issues, I wan't quite sure who was friend and who was foe, and if certain characters were playing spy since the beginning.

Predictability: This book had it's unpredictable moments, but the romance that blooms in this book could be seen from a mile (or one book) away. It's not that it was all that obvious but it was something that I expected going into this without even reading the description. There were a healthy amount of twists, some that I could pretty easily see and some that caught me off guard. Now the more unpredictable moments were great and spurred the story on as the book started off a bit slow. The predictable moments didn't detract from the story or it's greatness but added that bit of confidence at being able to figure something out before the protagonist does.

Ending: This ending was crazy. The final climax lasted quite a while and is something that looks to leave a lasting impact on both the world and out main character. The actual ending of the book comes from the fallout of that climax. There's a lot still left to be revealed as this book headed to it's torturous conclusion and cliffhanger. The actual cliffhanger line is insane, it harkens back to the beginning of the book and is a really powerful moment to show just how far Joclyn has come.


Note that while I give out 5 stars a lot, I have yet to do it for an independently published book. Which makes this pretty big. It was so much better than the first and truly strengthened it's individuality making it a phenomenal read. This is one of the most original stories I've read and I can't wait to see how this evil mastermind of an author will end this series.



  1. Love, Love your review! Thank you so much for being a part of the blog tour!

  2. This review was so good! Thanks for sharing. I have read both books, and they were both good. I liked eyes of ember a lot better then kiss of fire. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. Rebecca has got talent!

  3. It is not really my kind of book, but maybe someday I'll give it a try because of your review :). Thank you!