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Book Review: Earth Angel + Giveaway

This is the second book in a series and may contain spoiler for the first book, to avoid spoilers for the first book, Boyfriend form Hell, check out that review by clicking here.

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Release Date: December 8, 2011
Author: E. Van Lowe
Publisher: White Whisker Books
Length: 190 pages
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Just because Megan Barnett recently defeated Satan, has a fantastic new best friend, and has won the love of deliciously
handsome, Guy Matson, doesn’t mean her troubles are over. Far from it. For Megan doesn’t realize it, but in her possession is a powerful weapon, a weapon sought after by both angels and demons and everything in between. They will do ANYTHING to get it.

In E. Van Lowe’s humorous, romantic and thrilling sequel to Boyfriend From Hell, Megan winds up in a gripping life or death battle to save herself, the boy she loves, and all of mankind from unthinkable evil.


Characters: Unlike the previous installment, this book presents more stable characters who, though still lacking a certain depth, seem more realistic than before. Throughout the story, I could see Megan's character develop, if only slightly, since her character seems nearly fully developed already. Other characters, such as her mother, Suze, have less of a hold on their identity, as it seems the author still tries to direct his story into moments that, while beneficial to the story and characters, wouldn't naturally occur, thus taking away the one thing that is essential for an amazing book, realistic and fully fleshed out characters.

Romance: Like some of the characters, the romance also lacks depth. Since we didn't get a strong establishment of a love story in the first installment, when the author advances the romance in this book it's awkward and I found myself not really caring when Megan and Guy would have more dramatic and "heartbreaking" moments. With the lack of relationship development it was hard to care about these characters interactions and when in any other book I would be agonizing over the relationship even though I knew they'd get back together, here I was unfazed and more interested in the other goings on of the plot.

World-Building: Unfortunately most of the questions and new developments left off at the end of the previous installment, such as Erin's betrayal and hurt, were overlooked to pave the way to a newer plot point, that while connected to the events of the first installment, didn't feed out of naturally. We get a new demonic villain and learn more about Guy's past and the history of angel/human relationships. There are aspects of the last book, that while seeming small at the time, are expanded and shown to be a lot more important in this novel, though I was hoping to see more development in some of the questions left off at the end of the last book, which are overlooked until the end of this one, and even then it's not that they are fully addressed, but more that it implies a resolution in the next installment.

Predictability: Like the last book, this one is mostly predictable, with some twists that can be seen a mile away. When there are more unpredictable moments, many of them are more random than unpredictable. The difference being, some moments seemed to have a slight amount of foreshadowing that led to the twist making sense, but there were moments that were just thrown in there to elicit a shocked reaction but didn't make sense with the characters or with the situation.

Ending: The ending was a bit drawn out, but not as much as the last one, it had a smaller conclusion following the final confrontation, and left many questions up in the air. While it was less drawn out than the previous installment, it still could have been shorter and summarized the events following the final confrontation a bit more. Another thing that bugged me a bit was that most of the unanswered questions left off at the end were questions that i had at the end of the first book that weren't answered at all or were glossed over. In the very end is a puzzling cliffhanger that would have made the wait for the final installment a bit more unbearable.


While I enjoyed the writing a bit more in this installment it's still not on par with most of the the other books I've read. I think the writing is poor at best, but the story is addictive and I cannot get enough. My guilty pleasure series is getting a bit better and I'm feeling a little less guilty with this installment. Due to is short length and larger than average font size it's a short read and can be read in a matter of hours depending on your reading speed.

Author Bio:

E Van Lowe was born in the Bronx a long time ago, back in the days when children were supposed to be seen and not heard. Fortunately for E, his parents allowed him to speak freely. Unfortunately for his parents and older brother, E had a lot to say. He was speaking quite freely until one day, while his mother was trying to watch her “stories” (which is code for soap operas), she suggested that instead of speaking freely, he write all his important thoughts down. E wrote down many important thoughts, such as: crayons melt when you leave them on the radiator, or toy soldiers melt when you drop them in the muffin batter before mom puts it in the oven. His brother thought he was weird, but E was only ten years old at the time. What did he expect, Shakespeare? E liked writing things down so much, he decided that when he grew up, he was going to become a professional writer.

E has gone on to write for many award winning TV shows including: The Cosby Show, and Even Stevens. He also co-wrote the Academy Award nominated short film, Cadillac Dreams. Never Slow Dance With A Zombie was his first teen novel. Boyfriend From Hell is the first in the Falling Angels Saga. The second novel in the saga, Earth Angel, will be coming out soon. It seems E still has lots of important, and weird, thoughts to share with readers.



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