Monday, December 2, 2013

Book Review: Revolution 19 (Revolution 19 #1)

Release Date: January 8, 2013
Author: Gregg Rosenblum
Publisher: HarperTeen
Length: 288 pages

Twenty years ago, the robots designed to fight our wars abandoned the battlefields. Then they turned their weapons on us.

Only a few escaped the robot revolution of 2071. Kevin, Nick, and Cass are lucky —they live with their parents in a secret human community in the woods. Then their village is detected and wiped out. Hopeful that other survivors have been captured by bots, the teens risk everything to save the only people they have left in the world—by infiltrating a city controlled by their greatest enemies.

Revolution 19 is a cinematic thriller unlike anything else. With a dynamic cast of characters, this surefire blockbuster has everything teen readers want—action, drama, mystery, and romance. Written by debut novelist Gregg Rosenblum, this gripping story shouldn't be missed.


Protagonists: Sibling Nick, Cass, and Kevin have to travel to a robot run city to save their parents from from the clutches of self-righteous robots. While I felt that each of the siblings' personalities were fairly well detailed and presented, I do wish that there was a bit more development in these characters. Some backstory and experiences of the past would have made them just a tad more three-dimensional and would have made me feel a bit more connected with these characters, but maybe there will be more flashback/backstory to come for these characters in the next installment.

Romance: There wasn't too much romance in this book and it remained very much a sub-plot throughout the entire book. As I've said in the past I love when romances are slowed down and allowed to progress on a back burner, especially when there's an interesting and engaging plot at the forefront that gets to shine bright without distractions from a fast paced and fairly unrealistic romance. There are in fact two romances in this story, one for each of the older siblings. While Nick's romance progresses faster, thus getting to see more of it int his installment, it's Cass's romance that I'm most looking forward to seeing unfold. Both characters involved are entertaining to read and I find myself excited to learn more about them as their romance grows.

World-Building: When I think "Robot Apocalypse" I think dark, dangerous, malicious, etc, however that's not how I would describe this book, at least not at the beginning. When we are first introduced to the City, it honestly doesn't seem that bad, especially if you follow the rules, it could be a great place to live in ignorance. It is what's going on outside that thin bubble of ignorance that is really terrifying, unfortunately we don't really get it full force until a bit past halfway through the book. Also, a distinct lack of a good sci-fi feel is missing form this world, it's like opening up a book expecting a great sci-fi adventure and getting a dystopian one as well, even though it's a good book it's not quite the one you thought it would be.

Predictability: I was actually surprised at how unpredictable this book was. Sometimes it would be unpredictable in a way that changed how I viewed the book, sometimes something would catch me so off guard that changed the way the story was headed, and sometimes I was just baffled at what happens to get these heroes to where they are by the end of the book. Some of these surprises are a bit unbelievable, especially in such a. efficiently run robot society

Ending: The ending, or more specifically the epilogue, was for the lack of a better term creepy, and I love d every sentence. It was great seeing a new perspective, a darker more sinister character and what was going on in their head. There were a few "bombshells" revealed in the end, however they were things that I was expecting to happen so the shock value of them was fairly small, but it was still great to get confirmation on certain things going on in this story.


If you are looking for a heavily written sci-fi book this may not be the book for you, but if you are looking for a great dystopia with a sci-fi twist then I'd say give this book a shot. It's a fun read at the very least and I'm excited to see where this story will go.



  1. Oh have been wondering about this one. I'm glad you like it. I like sci-fi a lot. Might have to give it a try! I did an interview with Jeff not too long ago.

  2. Hmmm, now knowing that I shouldn't expect too much heavy sci-fi until later and with the promise of dark and creepy eventually, I'm intrigued! I didn't actually hear about this one until now the second book is coming out, haha.

  3. This looks fantastic! I need to add it to my TBR list.