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New Book Review: Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles #1)

Release Date: December 1, 2009
Authors: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Length: 563 pages

Is falling in love the beginning . . . or the end?

In Ethan Wate's hometown there lies the darkest of secrets . . .

There is a girl. Slowly, she pulled the hood from her head . . . Green eyes, black hair. Lena Duchannes.

There is a curse. On the Sixteenth Moon, the Sixteenth Year, the Book will take what it's been promised. And no one can stop it.

In the end, there is a grave.

Lena and Ethan become bound together by a deep, powerful love. But Lena is cursed and on her sixteenth birthday, her fate will be decided .Ethan never even saw it coming.



Protagonist: Ethan Wate is stuck in a Podunk town called Gatlin and plans to do whatever he can to leave the town as soon as possible. That is until he met Lena, the girl of his dreams, literally. As he learns more about her and her unusual family, the more he would stay... for her. I loved the character of Ethan, he's fiercely loyal, he's headstrong and determined, and he'll do anything to keep the ones he loves. Sure there were a small handful of times when he does something stupid, but at the end of the day he's an amazing hero and narrator. For those looking for a great book with an awesome male protag, this is the book for you.

Romance: I can't believe it, this book broke my one rule when it comes to how romances progress and I didn't care. In fact I rejoiced when Ethan finally tells Lena he loves her. Usually I don't like "The L Word" to be exchanged until at least the middle to end of the second installment of a series, but this book is different. I think it probably has to do with both, how long this book is, and how Lena and Ethan's romance developed. It wasn't fast and all consuming, but it wasn't a slow burn either. Did it move a bit fast? Sure, but it felt right it felt real.

World-Building: Witches! Well, sort of, they prefer to be called Casters. The title Beautiful Creatures in no way implies that this series revolves around magic users, but in fact it does. For the longest time I was so confused about what this book is about, I would be told, but forget and the title would screw up what I think. Anyway, to the world-building. This is a fairly unique witch lore book and forms a fantastic world and delves into what it means to be Light and Dark. While it was fairly brief the book does address that without Dark there is no Light and vice versa, which is a concept I love seeing in books and I hope that it will be one that's expanded upon in future books.

Predictability: So I'll level with you, in an effort to better grasp the concept of this book so I can get into it faster I watched three of the Beautiful Creatures movie trailers. I will say this just once, if you have not read the book nor seen the trailers or don't recall them, DON'T WATCH THEM. They don't outright spoil things but it's easy to insinuate a few really good twists. I do have to say though that there was one thing that I thought I knew but couldn't wrap my head around and it wasn't until JUST before it was revealed that I got it, that it made perfect sense. In all honesty, if I went into this book 100% blind I'm sure I would be greatly surprised by the great twists turns and sudden shifts this book has.

Ending: So the ending is a bit anti-climactic. Well that's not entirely true, it had a great climax, it just didn't go where I thought it would. However, I expected a much more climactic ending with a life altering choice that leaves everything hanging in the balance. I was expecting a big cliffhanger, but instead it plateaued big time. I'm not talking normal plateauing where things are mostly cleared up but there are a lot of dark clouds on the horizon filled with dramatic potential, but instead except for a thing here and there things were fairly wrapped up. There seemed to be only dramatic cloud in the very far distance, however despite that I can't wait to continue this series.


This book was phenomenal, and while I'm excited to continue the series, I'm a bit apprehensive as well. I've heard that the second book in this series is and essential flop only for the story to pick up again after. I guess it'll be something to press on through. Oh, and for those who read this book and really enjoy it, DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE it's a disaster of Percy Jackson/Eragon proportions and a complete waste of time.


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  1. Honestly, I started this book and could not get into it. I don't know if it was just b/c it wasn't striking me at the time. I should really try again!