Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Time I Met Chris Colfer (and Almost Lost My iPad)

So nearly ago I had the opportunity to go to a Chris Colfer signing and I went because I love his Land of Stories series and wanted to get them all signed! So anyway, since I knew that the signing started at 4 PM and that to get into the signing line I had to buy a copy of the book from the store where the signing took place, I decided I wanted to be there close to 1 PM in order to get a good seat. (At this time I didn't know that there was no Q&A or excerpt reading and that the earlier you got your ticket the earlier you could get your books signed.)

Anyway So I got there and buy my book, finding out that the number on the ticket I have will determine where in the signing line I'll go. After I sat down I heard a few girls behind me talking about the signing, Chris Colfer, and Glee. I went back to the book, but couldn't get over just how obsessed these girls were with the author which is still something that I have yet to truly experience. While I was waiting I met a group of girls who were also there for the signing and we got to talking about the books and while they were also very obsessed with Chris Colfer, they seemed a lot more toned down than the other girls I heard before though I'm sure they were just as obsessed but they weren't freaking out or anything.

One of the girls I was talking to was telling me that she had met Chris at least twice before and prepared me for what I was in for when I met him. She said that he's very nice and charismatic when you meet him and if you are struck speechless that he'll kind of start a mini-conversation going while he's signing your books and that he's someone who really looks you in the eye when he talks to you.

A lot of things I saw while waiting for the signing to begin were bags full of things for Chris, and while I thought the sentiment was nice, since he's not a local author and has to probably take a plane home I felt bad for him and the probable truck load of extra baggage he had to take with him.

Anyway, we all see a large group gathering near where the signings usually take place and so we decide to get up and join them knowing that we don't really have much of a choice as to when we can get our books signed. As we got up I swear I put my iPad, on which I was reading Rebel by Amy Tintera, into my backpack. Once we get ourselves fully submersed in the crowd we talk a bit before you know who shows up and let me tell you once he started walking to the secluded area where he was going to sign the roar of applause was nearly deafening.

After he was safely tucked away one of the employees read us the rules for the signing which included how many were going to be called up at a time (20) and that we could NOT take pictures in the signing line or at the table as he was signing but that there was going to be a designated photo area, which was utter crap by the way as I could never really get a good shot. This was the best shot I could get...

When it was finally my turn to get in line the girls behind me, which I had yet to meet by the way, came off kind of psycho and crazy but it that cute uberobsessed way which also kind of annoyed me. Nevertheless we talked for a while but I soon found out that they hadn't even read the books and were only here for Chris and didn't even like reading so I quickly brushed them off to get my books signed.

While he was signing my books I realized this was my only time I could ask the author a question about the books so here's what I asked: "Will there be another book after the fourth one?" To which he replied something to the affect of: "We're not sure yet. The fourth one will definitely tie up the loose ends of the third one but other than that 'we'll' have to see." I asked him a few more plot specific and spoilery questions that I knew he wouldn't give me a straight answer on but had to try anyway, but he only kept saying, "You'll have to wait and see."

Overall the experience was extremely fun, even though there wasn't an actual "event" but rather only a signing. It got worse later though as when I was on the bus for a while I decided to continue my book and found that my iPad was no longer in my backpack but probably still at the bookstore, before I could completely puke out the food I had just eaten all over the bus I decided to call the bookstore with my nearly dead phone only to find out that I needn't have worried so much as someone had found my iPad and brought it to lost and found, (seriously I was SUPER lucky.) and I retrieved it the next day.

So that was my experience meeting Actor/Director/Author Chris Colfer, sorry if the story bored you in any way but I was trying to put something other than "I met Chris Colfer, he was super nice, there may or may not be a fifth book in the Land of Stories series, oh and I almost lost my iPad.). It was awesome/scary/amazing all rolled into one and I even got my ARC of The Wishing Spell signed, can anyone say giveaway box?


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