Monday, January 11, 2016

Book Review: Burnt Devotion (Imdalind #5)

Release Date: March 22, 2015
Author: Rebecca Ethington
Publisher: Imdalind Press
Length: 344 pages
Source: Purchased E-book/Audio Book

It was supposed to be the final battle, the one to end Edmund’s line, his life, and free the magic Edmund had taken from the world. That was how it was foreseen. The end of the battle that has raged for centuries, unbeknownst to the mortals around them, the battle that would end with Joclyn’s death.

But it did neither.

The battle still reigns, Joclyn still lives, and the sight that was given eight hundred years ago is broken.

And it’s not the only one.

Sights that were once thought infallible have become nothing more than scattered glass, with broken pieces shattering into incorrect visages. Sain clings to the magic that he knows to be true, but there is something else, something that he is not saying. And what he does say is no longer adding up.

Something is wrong.

Ilyan and his people move through the caves, following a sight they hope to be correct, fleeing a battle that should have been the end while the battle within each of them grows with each step.

Ryland fights the monsters his father has infected him with.

Wynifred fights the confusion of who she is.

Dramin fights to live.

Prague may not survive this battle, it may be ripped to shreds… or burned to ashes.



Characters: Much like Scorched Treachery, this book in the Imdalind series is told from more than one perspective. In this book we see the world from not only Joclyn's POV but also from Wyn, Ryland, Ovalia, and Sain's Points of View. In Wyn's chapters we see her struggle as she fights to figure out who she is now that she has her memories back. I loved seeing her struggle and as she resolved these two parts of herself, getting help from Thom and other characters. In Ryland's chapters we see just what kind of torture he's under at the hands of his father, while I felt like his first set of chapters were just there to show us what's he's going through and not providing any real substance other than that, his second set of chapters, that take place post Soul of Flame, I found really great, I can't quite say why, cause spoilers, but those were some fantastic chapters. Ovalia's chapters, there were only two, provided some great info on who she is, why she betrayed Ilyan, and her feelings toward her father and his quest for magical domination.

Romance: So, there isn't all that much romance in this book. Wyn's chapters talk about her feelings for Thom, the feelings that came back with her memories. I really liked that the author didn't just throw Wyn and Thom together as soon as possible. Wyn still needs to mourn Talon and figure out who she is before she even thinks about romance again. There weren't enough Joclyn chapters to really get any romance there, and while we did get to see some of the closure scenes between Jos and Ryland from Ry's point of view, there wasn't really anything we hadn't seen before. Though before I go I will say that Ryland may be getting another love interest before the series is over.

World-Building: So whereas Scorched Treachery was sort of Eyes of Ember 2.0 and was chock full of information that was vital to the series and the story overall. In this book though I felt like there were some fun and informative scenes that take place during the events of Soul of Flame, but other than a few scenes here and there, most of which came from Wyn's POV, nothing really felt vital to the story, and sort of detracted from everything. If it was a novella, I think I'd be okay with it, but since this is a main series title, I felt it was a bit unnecessary. However, all the chapters after we catch up with the end of book four were fantastic. We learn more about the world, the Blade of Souls and just how much control Edmund has over this world.

Predictability: So other than a few spoilers I saw here and there, which weren't that spoilery, there was very little I was able to predict. Much like other books in this series there was a lot that was foreshadowed that never came to fruition and will probably be seen in the next installment or the final one. The things that I could predict were those things that were liable to happen at some point, but even then there was sometimes a little twist on them that I couldn't see coming.

Ending: So if I had to define the end of this installment, I'd probably say the final two chapters, one told by Ryland and the final one told by Sain. The Ryland chapter really starts to wrap up the story and begins to foreshadow what's coming, and the final chapter reveals something that has been teased for a while. So for a little over an entire book some of the characters have questioned Sain's motivations and in the final chapter we find out a lot of where his true loyalties lie and his plans for the upcoming battle.


So this was pretty hard to rate, while I knew that it wasn't going to get five stars, mainly due to the fact that there were quite a few chapters that felt like they were full of superfluous information that wasn't really needed, while it was interesting to see, it felt like something for more of a novella or bonus scenes than part of the main series. However I loved the rest of the book, after we catch up with the story as we knew it. I can't wait to see where this series goes from here.


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